About ClaraMae Collection

Inspiration is a magnificent feeling!
In the past couple of years I have been significantly inspired by a myriad of people and businesses!  I was also gifted the ability to tap into an undiscovered talent and love for sewing. From both inspiration and discovery,
The ClaraMae Collection was formed.

The ClaraMae Collection was created to honor a woman who once graced us with her beauty, talents, outgoing & positive nature, resourcefulness, class, and style. ClaraMae Fletcher is my grandma who displayed characteristics that emulate everything I strive for daily in my personal and professional life. 
She loved life, living it fully as her skill in sewing upholstery and slip covers was sought after by many. She was a second generation accomplished seamstress, following my Great Grandma Lillian, and  my mother is third generation. I am newly the fourth. :-)
Unfortunately, I did not get to meet my Grandma Clara. She passed away from aggressive breast cancer in 1978. I arrived on the scene in 1979. Nonetheless, she lives on in the hearts and memories of those who had the pleasure to know her, and through The ClaraMae Collection as well.♥️

Accessories are my favorite part about my outfits, from my rings, earrings, to my shoes, bag, and watch band. Often the tiniest piece makes a larger statement on your personal style!

I hope between the amazing feel of cork leather and my creative design, you discover a piece that amplifies your personal style, while supporting an ecofriendly material and a small business.

Brandala M Day

Founder, The ClaraMae Collection