Why Cork Leather

Cork is a term that often generates ideas of cork boards, or wine corks, but not as a fabric. Cork fabric, or Cork Leather, as it is typically titled, is quickly gaining popularity. I recently learned of it’s use for bags and wallets. In my research I came to understand the many benefits that come from its innate characteristics.

  • Ecologically Friendly - Cork is harvested from the bark of a Cork Oak tree. The Cork Oak is the only tree able to regenerate its bark every 9 -10 years, allowing a harm-free harvest.  Farmers harvest the cork manually by cutting the bark and peeling it away. Regenerating its bark up to 12 times in its lifetime promotes a lifespan of 150 years. The cork oak is a heavily protected tree and farmers need special permission to cut down non-producing trees.
  • Water Resistant - This makes sense why corks are used in wine bottles. It is impermeable to gasses and liquids so the only item you need to worry about with liquid is your smart watch!
  • Durable - Cork is a honeycomb structure that makes it significantly resistant to wear and tear.
  • Fire Resistant -  Because of its fire retardant nature it burns without a flame and does not emit any type of toxic gas.
  • Extremely Light - 50% of corks volume is air setting its weight at .16 grams per cubic cm.  Because it is so light it floats.
  • Hypoallergenic - As it doesn’t absorb dust, it’s beneficial to those with allergies or asthma

Cork is a phenomenal material and all of these factors are why I chose to make your watch bands from cork. The comfortable and breathable material makes it easy to wear and you won't  have to worry about damaging it from wear and tear or water; a long lasting & beautiful accessory.✨