Care Guide - Cork Bands & Accessories

Congratulations on your new ClaraMae Collection watchband or accessory!

I truly hope you adore your new item!  Since Cork & Nopal  leather are fabric lined, they are  subject to any oils, dander or sweat that occurs from everyday wear.  Here are a few tips to keep your band looking beautiful long after your purchase! 

 Caring for your Cork or Nopal Cactus Band 


  • Clean with warm water and a small dab of your preferred dish soap or laundry detergent.
  • Gently rub your band with thumb and fingers to work the soap and water into a lather.
  • Focus the cleaning in the underside of the band.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Wrap your band in a towel and work on pressing the water from your band
  • Focus drying procedure around the top snap, embellishments and the snap cover; those items are metal and resting excess water can cause them to rust and fail.  
  • To finish drying you may use a hair dryer on the COOL SETTING ONLY, or lay flat to dry fabric side up.
  • DO NOT PUT YOUR BAND IN THE WASHER OR DRYER. I cannot guarantee the outcome and this will void your  warranty.
  • Allow your band to dry for 24 hours prior to storing or wearing
  • You may condition your watch band with a Vegan Moisturizer for cork. Please contact me @ (844) 664-8229  for more details.

Nopal Cactus:

  • Rub band gently using a damp white cotton cloth and mild soapy water. Light colours will require more frequent cleaning. Stains should be cleaned immediately with liquid soap or shampoo. Cactus Leather is not stain resistant.
  • Do Not soak or submerse your Nopal Cactus band.
  • Nopal Cactus leather is often more delicate and easily scratched or scuffed.
  • Cactus leather is NOT stain resistant. Denims or other dyed clothing, and makeup may effect the color of your band. Staining of the band may occur especially on the white, off-white and cream Nopals.  

Choosing your band for the appropriate activity

Cork bands can absolutely be worn during any physical activity. I recommend bands that are Cork on Cork.  Some Lux Nopal bands (cork and cactus) can be worn as well, but only those cactus leathers with a heartier texture and worn in moderation.

Signature Nopal bands, (Cactus on Cactus),  I do not recommend  wearing for physical activity. 

Protect your band from exposure

Cork is impermeable to gas and liquid, but despite its durable nature, it to can succumb to exposure to liquids like make up, perfumes, sanitizer or any liquid that is a harsh chemical or cleaning product.  

Avoid wearing your cork or cactus band while conducting any cleaning or chore that would increase the chances of exposure. Chemicals can accelerate the breakdown of the bands materials.

Rotate your bands

Everything wears down with time, even durable products. To help elongate the life span of your bands wear your bands on a rotation. This will reduce the wear on them, exposure to getting dirty and excessive washing.


Storing your bands

When any of your bands are not in use, store them in the suede bag provided with your order or a cotton or cloth bag. Store them in a  cool, dark, and dry place away from direct heat and humidity.  

If you do not have a suede bag from your previous orders, text me at (844)664-8229 about how you can get one for your bands!