What are "Ready To Ship" items?

"Ready To Ship" items are completed products that are ready to ship as they are. They ship out with in 2-3 business days from your purchase date, whereas Special Order items require 3-4 weeks for production. "Ready To  Ship" items come from my current inventory from newly tried designs. Typically there is only one  and it cannot be altered or customized.  This allows you to receive your watch band faster.  :-) 

What if a Ready To Ship band is not in my size? 

No Worries! Ready To Ship items are limited in quantity because I only make one for each new design. However, if there is a "Ready to Ship" item that you want, but with different qualities, it is available under the Special Orders page. *see Special Orders below

What are BB Bands?

BB's are Blemished but Beautiful bands. These items have a minor, almost unnoticeable blemish, but are still so beautiful!

All BB items are thoroughly inspected and provide a 30% discount should they contain a blemish in the stitching, hardware, or if certain fabrics (other than cork) are worn, etc. 

How do "Special Order" bands work?

Special Order bands allow you to influence the appearance of your watch band.  Find the band you like, then select the adapter’s size & color, embellishments, and wrist size.  From there I will make your band as you ordered it! I ask for 2-3 weeks to cushion expectation. 

How do I know my wrist Size?

Click HERE to visit my "Find Your Size" page that outlines two sure-fire means to find your exact measurement. Should you inadvertently order the wrong size, I’m happy to exchange your band for the proper size. I want you to enjoy wearing your band all the time!

When do you drop new bands to your site?

New bands are dropped to the site every Wednesday  at 2 PM EST.  Once weekly  is a balanced time frame for me to create, make and showcase my newest creations!  I selected 2 PM because it allows for all time zones to be able to  jump on the site to get that new band as a "Ready for You".  All new bands are available under Special Order, where you select certain features, if the Ready for You isn't in your size, or adapter. 

Why do you indicate 3-4 week production time for "Special Orders"?

This is my maximum allowable production time set. This is set primarily for the Holiday season running from September through December. Outside of the Holiday production time is about 1-2 weeks.  I allow theese production times for a few reasons:

1. Each band  is made to order and from scratch. I do not have any pre-cut materials prepped for orders. That is a foresight I do not yet have.

2. Order volume impacts production time. As a one-woman team, (although I tend to use the term "Us in posts or emails"), a larger volume of orders does require more time to complete each order thoroughly. I adjust it according to my order volume

3. I remain in my position at my primary occupation. ClaraMae is to small to cover normal living expenses, so this is incidental to my primary occupation. I would love to run ClaraMae Collection fulltime, that is the dream!

I believe in the old saying; "Under promise and over deliver". I would much rather have your band made in a week, then exceed the expected turn-around time and disappoint you. Your happiness in every aspect of your order, is my happiness! 

 What are Ultra-suede snap covers and why are they applied to the watch band?

The ClaraMae Collection does use Nickel free snaps. However, on occasion there may be a rogue snap present with enough nickel  to cause an allergic reaction. I know this because I have a nickel allergy and I have these reactions. Therefore, I decided that the simple act of placing a small piece of Ultra-suede over the back of the receiving snap will help prevent any occurrences of a reaction for you! Your satisfaction is of utmost importance and to achieve that every detail must be addressed.

Can I wear my cork band while working out?

Yes! Corks mass is 50% air so it is light on your wrist and very breathable! Although cork is water resistant. It's lining consists of fabric therefor the underside of you band is susceptible to the elements from skin contact (skin oils, dirt, sweat, etc.)You may clean your band after use. Please see my  Care Guide  for specifics on how to clean and care for your Cork or Cactus band!


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