Bubbly Wrap Band
Bubbly Wrap Band
Bubbly Wrap Band
Bubbly Wrap Band

Bubbly Wrap Band

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What I love the most about champagne is how it is always Classy, Bubbly, & Sparkling! Make your day classy, bubbly and sparkly with our new Bubbly Wrap Band! The neutral tones and soft colored bubbles with Rose Gold Drusy crystal wraps all three traits together for a warm and stunning look! 🥰🥰

Getting a wrist measurement is not a common thought for most through out the day. So when it comes to buying something for your wrist selecting the size might stop you in your shopping tracks! 

Don't worry!  I have a couple options that will help you easily measure your wrist for proper size selection! 


Flexible Tape Measure (printable measuring Guide coming soon!)

 This method may require some assistance for an accurate measure.

  • Wrap the tape measure around the area of your wrist where you typically wear your watch. Don't wrap it too tight; just snug enough to be comfortable

  • Where the tape measure lines up with the beginning will be your wrist size.

Paper Test

This way is similar to the tape measure. 

  • Wrap a strip of paper comfortably around your wrist, marking on the paper when it meets the beginning of the strip. 
  • Laying it flat, measure the distance from the beginning of the strip to where you marked.        

Now that you have your measurement, select your size based on what snap you will wear your band.

For example:  I wear mine on the inner snap. My wrist is 6" in diameter therefore I wear size  XS  since the inner snap measures 6".




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